Sunday, January 30, 2011

if these hips could talk...

I've not been on a date in over a year.
Today I (finally) watched Amelie and I ended up crying for 3 hours. Because yes, I want someone that GETS me like that. Yes, I live in my head and my imagination; I live a quiet life, where rather than tooting my own horn, I always trying to get others to see their own potential, their own magnificence.
And I fall in love with people I don't know.
Though I stocked up at the farmer's market earlier, I went to visit my love-at-the-co-op-grocery-store today. I felt that I really wanted to see him. He granted me a hardy 'hello', but that was about it. Oh dear. I had to text Lorissa for a reality check- is this my BPD acting up/imagining things? Or is it real?
I can't know.
So Momma needs a margarita.

current mood: empty wanderlust.
current music: landon pigg - falling in love at a coffee shop

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