Friday, January 28, 2011

All In A Row

So, I did it.
I booked my very first wedding as an official Coordinator. It feels AWESOME to talk about someone as "my bride".
"Oh, I just got an email from my bride"
"I've a meeting with my bride"
"My bride had a few questions about that"

It just feels so right. The wedding's on February 24th (yes, a Thursday), and I'm overwhelmed and nervous and slightly freaked out. I've never done this before, and aside from Lorissa, none of my friends have been through the process.
So I'm turning to Lorissa for nearly everything. INCLUDING fun nights out to let off some steam.

Last night Lorissa and I went to Bingo night at The Knockout and had loads of boozy girly fun. We kept getting so close to winning, when we'd hear someone shout out 'Bingo!'. Damn. We even bought extra drinks for extra bingo cards. ;)
Then for the grand finale, the Blackout Round, guess who won? YOURS TRULY. That's right! I won the whole thing! I earned myself a drink ticket and a bottle of bubbles, both put into use right away.

Tonight I host my first ever themed Open Crop night (Queen of Hearts theme), and I'm nervous about it. The wine should help, though. As well as the scheduled session of SkeeBall (my most favorite arcade game ever) at the Buckshot nearby immediately after.

current mood: party.
current music: heart - barracuda

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