Saturday, January 29, 2011

trick question

Either this is the best hangover of my life, or I am still drunk from last night.
WHAT. I think its the latter:) Cos, I mean, Lorissa and I know how to DO IT UP.
I drank and danced and chatted and drank and danced some more. It was EPIC.

And today I am in love with the lad that rings me up at my local co-op grocery store. He's invited me to see his band play on Friday and I'm anxiously planning my outfit. I don't even know his name (though we've 'shared a moment' over our mutual love of Earl Scruggs), but I am already imagining our life together: I mend his sweaters while he recommends authors that I actually like, and we hold ice cream hands and make waterfalls out of unicorns. Because you see, I know my Borderline Personality Disorder is alive and kicking with this one, and it's rendering me utterly useless. Like a Love Coma.
Hmmm, Love.
the saddest girl to ever hold a martini....

i painted my nails turquoise again.

current mood: charred deja vu
current music: calexico - alone again or

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