Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lets call it a Hiatus Appropriatus

because sometimes the pen can not keep up with the brain pushing it
because i've turned over like 5 new leaves and the world needs to know
because i get lonely and writing here makes me feel like i'm talking to folk
because i've insanely deep thoughts and your life is better for knowing them
and because i've a writer living inside me and i hardly ever let her out and it just makes her get louder and increasingly needy

So, anyway, here I am again. I welcome myself back. I've missed the eye strain of the screen and the clickity-clack of the keyboard.
Loads of time has passed and admittedly I got worse before I got better.
Where I am now is a (relieved to be) single gal, full-blown Bipolar, desperate to finish up with the daunting black cloud that is my master's thesis, now proudly A Best Friend, an avid reader and a gainer of ten lbs that have been politely asked to leave this frame but, upon their defiance, are about to be brusquely ushered out.
I dated and dated and and dated, to no avail. I tried patience, I tried fervor, I tried apathy, I tried complacence. I was wined, dined and intertwined, but I just couldn't lasso up enough feelings. They were either arrogant or meek, pushy or doormats; all were just so utterly mediocre and achingly insipid.
**Let it be known now:
I'd rather just be single and not have to worry about being nice to someone all the time.**

Being Bipolar is rough enough. It's a whole endeavor to be nice to and nurture myself. I really can't be bothered to do it twice!

So here I am. A little worse for the wear, but slightly renewed and really, well, just quite ready.

current mood: red carpet green envy
current music: queen - under pressure