Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"I'm too busy creating masterpieces"

I've not been posting because I'm crazy busy with:

-The Wedding. Yes, I jumped at the chance to be a Day-Of Coordinator, but it seems like I'm more of a Month-Of Planner. SO MUCH work to do! I'm thrilled.
-School. MidPoint Presentation is coming up, and I've to make and finish work, write an autiobiography, an Abstract, and a Final Project Proposal, and submit it all to a commitee in a presentation that's sure to make my BPD act up.
-Work. The Director of Creative Development stops for no one!

I'm spending long hours in my studio at school, creating and forgetting to eat.
I'm spending other long hours organizing the bride's life and trying to delegate wedding responsibilities.
I'm spending hours in bed, attempting to sleep but being too wrapped up in the Poe, O'Connor, Oscar Wilde and Valley of the Dolls that makes up my nightime reading material.

Wish me luck for the wedding- Feb 24th!
Will do my best to keep you posted on artistic genius in the meantime.

current mood: burning candle
current music: lykke li - i'm good, i'm gone

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