Monday, September 3, 2012

day 4 and maybe i'm a little cranky. WHAT?! i said MAYBE

So I'm all for fresh starts and renewals, but this Master Cleanse is BULLSHIT. It fucking sucks. So just between you and me, I ate a few pieces of fruit here and there because:
- i love fruit
- i am fucking hungry all. the. time. right now

Anyway, when I went to the grocery store to buy said pieces of heavenly glucose, I noticed the big NOTICE sign:
"As of October 1st, 2012, (THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKING) city of San Francisco paper grocery bags will cost 5 cents A PIECE. Thats right, bitches, FIVE cents EACH"
ok maybe I paraphrased that sign, but really, thats how I remember it.

After my initial 'gah!', 'pfft!', and multiple eye rolls, my snarky cranky ass set to work looking for decently attractive, maybe even stylish, reusable bags; because my hungry, foggy brain INDEED thinks spending $200+ on various designer bags is just fine, thankyouverymuch because I am saving the PLANET, here!

Anyway, heres what I'm buying. (And if youre a friend of mine, expect one or more of these for xmas).
For the hipsters:


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