Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I did it.
I passed.

I presented my MidPoint Review, my Artist Statement, my Final Project Proposal, my Previous Work, to a committee of judges that have never met me or seen my work and I PASSED.

Though my Disorder has been acting up all over the place, and I've indulged in more complusions and coping mechanisms than I'm willing to admit, its all over. The Chaos that was making itself at home in my life is now over.
And I can't believe I did it. I made it through.

The wedding was a success.
My thesis paper was written, reviewed, bound, turned in on time.
I passed MidPoint Review.

Fuck yes.

Does this make me a legitimate Artist? I can't say. But it is incredibly validating to have Art Professionals call you a 'breath of fresh air', and then email you thirty minutes later, telling you they want to work with you and help you actualize your final project.

I am humbled. I am grateful. I am exhausted.
But at least I feel like I can breathe again. And Borderline Personality Disorder or not, I aim to seek Balance now. That elusive son a bitch won't escape me this time.

current mood: lifted.
current music: m. ward - helicopter

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