Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my own bell jar

I can't believe I got through it.
The wedding was a week ago and it was very nearly flawless. The bride used words like 'astounding' and 'gorgeous'. I was a big hit, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome for my very first wedding. Glorious.
Of course, the sheer importance of the event made my Borderline Personality Disorder act up. As a result, my emotions were on such an intense neurological fritz that I dissociated so badly I barely remember a moment of it.
I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.

My sanity is slowly slipping away.

A few days later, my Midpoint Review paper was due. For all intents and purposes, consider an art school's Midpoint Review as a thesis: we're to write and have professionally bound two color copies of a document that includes an autobiography, an artist statement, a Final Project Proposal, sketches, a Portfolio, inspirations, influential artists, a timeline, and a resume.
Another intensely stressful event. More dissociating.

March 15th is the grand Midpoint Presentation: a 10-minute speech given in my studio space, surrounded by my 'best work', to a panel of Academy of Art University judges. Followed by a question-and-answer session. Then I'm to wait patiently outside my studio while they discuss whether or not I am allowed to 'pass' onto the next (and more independent and conceptually elevated) level of my art school career.

My sanity is running away from me at lightening speed.

So enjoy the tales of a struggling art student, who can barely remember what she did 5 minutes ago or why she did it, who's going through the most crucial phase of graduate school, and who, as a response to being unable to recognize herself from one moment to another, is now sporting pixie-short dark purple hair.
and henna.

current mood: away.
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