Friday, September 17, 2010

nice to meet you

Hello. My name is Kendra and I am pleased to meet you.
I am new to blogging, so please don't judge too harshly.

Why "Lady*Cakes", you may ask? Well, someone called me that once, and it just kinda stuck. An ex-boyfriend even said "You really are a ladycakes!". I did not bother to ask what he meant by that...

That being said, allow me to introduce myself.
Because my mother is Central American and my father is a trilingual French man, Spanish is my first language, and French is my second. My parents are both workaholic fashion designers in Los Angeles, who imparted on me a unique and often confusing sense of style.
I went to an all-girls Catholic High School, with girls whose parents were doctors, lawyers, housewives, and narcissists. Needless to say, it was very nearly the death of me; my bleeding heart barely made it out alive.
At 17, I moved to San Francisco and never looked back. In my decade here, I've received a degree in Music Marketing & Artist Management and worked in the local music industry for years before signing my flagship band to Bigger Management and resting on my laurels. In the process of achieving that fleeting success, I lost friends, jobs, and sadly, the love of my life.
Unable to face Reality, I retreated back to my safe haven: school, this time attempting to learn the 'family business': fashion design. Once my teachers and peers realized who my parents were (high up on the LA label ladder), they began to keep a close and judgemental eye on me. I was reduced to tears too many times before I changed my major to Sculpture. Thats right- I CHANGED MY MAJOR. IN GRADUATE SCHOOL.
What can I say? That's how I roll. Up to my ears in debt, following/chasing my heart's whims.

I feel obligated to mention here that my mother suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, and depression and alcoholism run in my family. *I* have been running from all of it until recently, when Depression finally caught up with me. I found myself spending entire days at a time in bed and I saw no reason to even go through the motions of life.
Until I picked up Tao Te Ching. I saw that I was nothing more than a Being in this Universe, and if the Universe insists that I wake up everyday, I needed to know why. I hunted, and then....:
My heart screamed at me:

So those are my reasons for living. At the center of Everything, is Love. Love is Beautiful.
Love and Beauty are my Heart, my Art, my Life. I surrender to thee.

Currently, I work part-time in a cafe down the street from my assigned studio space at school. I 've since received the label of "Conceptual Mixed Media Installation Artist'.
Some more truths about me: I live in the foggy outskirts of San Francisco. I'm excellent at being decent, but I will tear your neck off if you hurt anyone I love. On almost a daily basis, I find myself thinking that the key to my domestic bliss lies in rearranging my furniture. I consistently over-tip. I'm eager to please, but in a bitter way. I wish I had the ability to weigh everything before I ate it. If you yell at me I'll always remember it. I like ice cream when its cold outside. I am sporadically affectionate, but inherently, consistently maternal. You're probably too 'scene' for me. I would love to be the reason someone woke up in the morning.
I think I have four basic emotions. One of them is 'drunk'. It is by far my favorite.

I am very VERY old-fashioned, and I've trouble adjusting to things like technology. You see, I believe myself to have been reincarnated, formerly from the Victorian Era, where lace, ruffles and repressed sexuality ran rampant. I have an exciting life, but I'd trade it all in to live in the Anne of Green Gables movie, churning my own butter and drinking raspberry cordial by the hearth with my farmer husband.

I am excruciatingly single, and I am on the constant search for Love and Beauty (theyre elusive sons of bitches).

I hope you read me and like me.

Thank you.
It was nice to meet you.

current mood: charmed, i'm sure.
current music: the bird and the bee - polite dance song.