Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life of the special occasions

[You must pardon my recent hiatus. I've been in recovery from a knock-down rogue wave of world ethics. To be more specific, my recent research of the world hunger issue broke my heart; I saw the staggering statistics of children, and I proceeded to cry nearly non-stop for the next three weeks. I've taken great measures and have made long-term plans to directly help the children of a specific location. My solid efforts have allowed me to tape my heart back together, but I feel its a very personal endeavor and a very private part of my life that does not have a place on this blog. I would like to keep my efforts and contributions anonymous. Thank you.]

AND I owe you folks yet another tale of romantic woe, this time so ridiculous in its tragedy that it crosses over to Hilarity. But thats a future posting, because...

Because right now I'm simply *exploding* with a veritable inventory of anecdotes, accounts, personalities and experiences! My new job has me on a steady diet of the previously mentioned entities.
It was not that long ago that I heard myself tell a friend "too bad nobody pays to have a party hosted, cos its kinda the only thing i'm best at." Well, folks, I should have also wished for a million dollars and a talking pony, cos I landed myself that EXACT gig. NO SHIT. The title says it all and its something like Event Host & Coordinator. NO SHIT. I love it so much and it comes so naturally that I feel I've not yet worked a minute. NO SHIT.

So far, in my 'job', I've ridden a horse, gone on a strip club bar crawl, been at the Drive-In movies, hiked to the top of a nearby mountain, done the Stern Grove thaaang, played mini-golf, watched Shakespeare in the park, seen Rocky Horror Picture Show in all its toast-throwing glory, AND, coolest of all: successfully stayed on a mechanical bull for TWO FULL minutes! Hahaha laughing and kickin' my heels all the way to the bank. Eh, who am I kidding, the gig pays pennies. But everything I've done and drank has been free and compensated.
I've been meeting loads of new folks, and the men are abundant. I've never had the need for a fly swatter but I might invest a few of my pennies to buy one, cos these guys are droppin' appropriately. They fall easily, surprisingly, and I.... well....
I keep my disorders to myself and I watch them put up a courageous fight while nature takes its course. Brave little soldiers. But the attention drives me wild and its happily done wonders for my bruised ego.

A year ago, a man turned my entire life upside down and inside out, all in a matter of 10 hrs.
These days? I am pedestooled and swarmed, and, andandand, slowly but surely getting back to being my Self.

Oh! And can someone please slap San Francisco in the face? This Cindy Sherman worship is lethal misguidance. A dressed-up phony no better than Avedon's b&w's, and even worse than when Leibowitz had that fit with the flowers. Level her with Kincaid for godssakes, and cut it out cos its not cute. 

By the by, the McSweeney's launch was thoroughly worth it. This gal just can't say no to books, so go ahead and roll your eyes to (a million) heavens all you may.

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