Sunday, October 17, 2010

update in (my favorite) bulletpoints

before i pull the trigger on my bulletpoint list, let me explain my absence. my cafe job, coupled with my school work, has really put a strain on my right hand. at the end of the day, my finger joints are throbbing. yes, i am looking for another job, because i want my Art to come first, and i cant let this latte-making-life affect it anymore.

ok, here goes:

  • got creative inspiration and came up with an idea for my Final Project (a performance art piece that embraces the Victorian Era and culminates with me breaking everything i've made during my entire art school career)
  • received via Amazon all the Anne of Green Gables movies and books and have been diligently digesting all of them
  • reading up on Life Inside the Victorian Home
  • reading up on Tasha Tudor and her home/life (so inpiring!)
  • Anxiety has become my annoying roommate, keeping me up at night and showing up everywhere i happen to be
  • got some bad news: therapist says i've begun to exhibit signs of Bipolar disorder, and she's to monitor my daily behavior
  • creating ceramic compartments for an installation about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and inherited personality/mood disorders
  • been doing lots of research on PTSD and personality/mood disorders
  • been attending weekly Buddhist Meditation meetings with Agata and really loving it
  • have a crush on an Italian transplant at school: essentially a Calvin Klein underwear model with a thick accent, oozing charisma and the ability to very easily break my heart. his name is (get this) Massimo and i am already in love with him. let it be known that we've spoken a total of three times. this crush is very distracting and i plan to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • because dammit my Art comes first!

Stay Tuned!

current mood: ow, my hand.
current music: arcade fire - rococo

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